Dr. Raymond Ford
Grison-Garde, Haiti
Monday, October 3, 2011

The Robert Ford Foundation On-Line Newsletter

  As you may know, Haiti is unique on this planet. Virtually everyone living there is descended from a slave who was "freed" in their revolt ending in 1804. There has been almost no subsequent immigration, consequently a vast network of "relationships" exists. Their culture is unparalleled, deep and sometimes invisible to outsiders–hidden also within their Creole language, unspoken elsewhere. They are "Haitian", no more African than we are"European". Haiti is a democracy (corrupted, but still a democracy) and they are largely Christian with a great deal of spirit added to the mix.

  How then, has this project been successful? We believe that the answer is obvious – the community of Grison-Garde "owns" it! It was their dream that conceived it and has maintained it for almost 10 years. Our foundation (your foundation) supplies all the funding, but all direction and control is in the hands of the “Comite`” that manages everything: the orphanage, primary and secondary schools, vocational school and the project for elderly homeless and more than 75 employees. We visit at least 5 times a year and are inspired, to say the least.

  In Haiti it is said that everything is always the same–there is always something different! This year:

  • The 7 room secondary school was actually finished and furnished
  • Three new primary school rooms will open October 3-furnished & painted
  • Five more wells have been drilled: so important in this time of cholera. One well was requested by the Minister of Health for a nearby public clinic. He knew that too much time would pass before funds came from his own government. He also knew that our Haitian doctor, Dr. Eugene, would get it done. We drilled it in less than a week. Done.
  • The vocational school now produces all the uniforms for 700 students and every desk and table for the classrooms. That saves some money and gives young women and men needed skills.
  • 52 live-in orphans and 20 "graduated" orphans are being housed, loved and fed, either at the orphanage or in nearby homes.
  • Over 400 children are fed daily!

  Spin-off from your gifts (although not funded directly by your dollars) is the micro-credit program created by Haitians and now supported with American dollars, has profoundly changed the lives of 150 women in this and nearby communities. Women that we have known for years have been able to vastly improve the well being of their families. No funds have been offered to men – we will not go into that now, OK? Email us for questions.

  Our foundation has never been in more need of support. Every penny of every dollar donated will be disbursed directly to the project, without deductions.

  Please visit the rest of our website: click here to see dozens of photos.

  Tax exempt donations can be sent by check or by credit card. To do so click here and follow the instructions on the donate page of this website.

Mesi ampil anpil, zamni nou yo!! (Thank you with greatest thanks, our friends!!)

And being Haitian, more complex than you might guess, is the expression:


Primary students at lunch

Smallest orphan yet
4 year old Francois

Headboard made in Vocational School
Entitely handcrafted–no power tools.

Orphan girls in Dormitory
Party time