Dr. Raymond Ford
Grison-Garde, Haiti
Monday, March 26, 2012

The Robert Ford Foundation On-Line Newsletter

  Have you ever wondered how we are able to ensure that your gifts are disbursed as you intended? Well, let us introduce you to an authentic hero, a hero by any standard. Here is Dr. Maklin Eugene, a Haiti trained physician who is devoting his life to improving the lives of those around him. His compassion and intellect have been inspirational for us all.

  Following the earthquake in Port-au-Prince, countless injured and homeless came to the Cap Haitien area where your orphanage and school is located. Dr. Eugene worked endlessly bringing food, medical supplies and comfort to everyone he could reach. He received not a penny from his government; all his financial support came from donors like you. Without his devotion many would have perished.

  During the current cholera epidemic he has delivered truckloads of medical supplies, water and food to treatment centers. In many areas he has sometime been the only provider of relief. He carries on with his amazing enthusiasm and wisdom.

  Dr. Eugene has received virtually no personal compensation for these extra efforts over the years. His salary is minimal and is provided largely by the Haiti Mission The Haiti Mission, the American NGO that has spawned many wonderful projects like the orphanage and school which you support. Several other NGOs and churches also provide help. One of his pet projects is "nagging" us to find funds for critically needed water wells: we have been successful in drilling at least 25 wells and have plans for more.

  It was he, Dr. Eugene, who introduced the hugely successful micro-credit project in Grison-Garde, the community where the orphanage project is located. Virtually no one in rural Haiti had ever reeived a loan, mortgage or credit of any sort until he convinced 14 women of the community and generous American donors to give it a try - it worked! As we said in a previous newsletter, his efforts have extended to more than 150 women in northern Haiti. He made it happen.

  Dr. Eugene is the health care provider for the orphanage/shool seeing dozens of children each month in the nearby Tovar Clinic where he works 2 days a week. He oversees the hygienic situation at our project regularly and, because he is fluent in English, ensures that your gifts are handled properly. He also joins our 5 medical teams each year to help guide us through the difficulties of dealing with the differences in our cultures. His work is "pa senp", not simple, but very complex, requiring endless energy and commitment. Dr. Eugene is a blessing.

  On a recent medical mission and orphanage trip, Margie Shepherd (teacher/artist) helped the orphange young adults paint this incredible rendition of "Lemonde" (the World) on the courtyard wall. As you can see, the students were fascinated by what they saw, but several were very doubtful that Haiti was indeed so small!

  And now computer instruction and internet contact has been introduced to our school and 2 others in the area. An international NGO, Waveplace, has provided 25 laptops to each of the schools and begun instruction to teachers and students. All reports are that progress is good. Just imagine the cultural leap that is taking place - most of these students will carry their new found skills to homes of largely illiterate parents and grandparents. What will the future hold for them?

  Our foundation has never been in more need of support. Every penny of every dollar donated will be disbursed directly to the project, without deductions.

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Mesi ampil anpil, zamni nou yo!! (Thank you with greatest thanks, our friends!!)

And being Haitian, more complex than you might guess, is the expression: