The Tovar Clinic in Grison-Garde was founded by Bill and Alice White in the early 1980s to provide medical care to the community of Grison-Garde, Haiti. It is now part of the The Haiti Mission supported by the Providence United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Meds and Food for Kids After many years of research, Dr. Patricia Wolff, a Haiti Mission team pediatrician, developed a recipe for nutritional supplements, which she brought to the Tovar Clinic in Grison-Garde, for the treatment of malnutrition in hundreds of children. This "Medica Mamba" (peanut butter medicine in Creole) is particularly effective in children with kwashiorkor - a serious protein deficiency.

    Tilt-A-World - Builds community-sized playgrounds for orphanages and feeding centers around the world. Why playgrounds? Because children deserve to laugh and play and our mission is to give them a safe place to have fun. Tilt-A-World has teamed with architects, builders and manufacturers to create a very efficient building process. The blueprints are complete, our builders pay their own travel expenses, and we have some of the materials given to us at cost. Because of this, we are able to build playgrounds for approximately $5,500.00. There are some material transportation costs that may vary depending on the destination country.

    StopHungerNow - Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. The organization is driven by a vision to end world hunger in our lifetime and a mission to provide food and life-saving aid to the world’s most destitute and hungry in the most sustainable, efficient and effective manner. Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging program provides volunteers the opportunity to package dehydrated, high protein, and highly nutritious meals that are used in crisis situations and in school feeding programs for schools and orphanages in developing countries around the world.

    Silent Images - "A voice for the voiceless" is a non-profit organization that tells the stories of hope in the midst of persecution, poverty, or oppression through journalistic photography, videography, and writing. Several books, of uncommon beauty and sensitivity, by David Johnson (the Founder and Director of Silent Images) are: “Voice of Beauty” – a photographic and textual story of the women of Africa; and “Voices of Sudan” – another photographic and textural story of the people of Sudan. Some of the images in this website were taken by David johnson during his April, 2010, journey through Haiti.

    The University of Texas has compiled an extensive and detailed website on Haiti. If you are interested, it is a great source of information on history, politics, arts, culture, etc.