The young are not the only "at risk" population in Haiti. There are a number of elderly people who are homeless and have no family to take care of them - our elderly "orphans". The community does what it can but when the community itself is so poor, it can do little. A new project to build housing for these individuals was begun and is progressing well.

    The project plan is to build at least 20 two-room houses - each room containing a bed, a dresser, and a wash stand to be occupied by a single elderly person or an elderly married couple. Each house has a porch for the residents to sit and visit with their neighbors (see photos). So far 10 houses have been completed. In addition a kitchen, a latrine, and a well for potable water have been built. A full time cook and night time security are also provided.

    There will also be a food storage building and a small clinic. Food and medical care (by the Tovar Clinic, a 10 minute walk away) is provided free of charge.

    Funding for this project was donated to The Ford Haitian School and Orphanage Foundation by the Strain Foundation (a private family foundation) and is being built by members of the Grison-Garde community (creating jobs) and is being provided to the elderly at no cost.

    More and larger photos of this project may be viewed in the Photos Section section of this website.